HL7 FHIR DevDays - 14 november - 16 november 2018

HL7-FHIR Dev Days 2018

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HL7 FHIR DevDays are coming to Amsterdam again!

Whether you are new to FHIR or a seasoned coder, our tutorials and hands-on sessions will offer you the opportunity to dive deeply into FHIR. Together with your peers and side by side with experts, you will be listening, talking, asking and getting answers about everything FHIR, sharing intensively to make FHIR even simpler. Register now to immerse yourself in the global FHIR community for three whole days in Amsterdam!

Largest FHIR-only event in the world

HL7 FHIR DevDays is is the most important and largest FHIR only event in the world. IT professionals in healthcare gather to learn about FHIR in a collaborative environment. The three pillars for the Developer Days are: education, sharing of ideas and networking. 


From expert to novice

Whether you are new to FHIR or you are an expert, the event offers a combination of interesting keynotes, a wide variation of tutorials and hands-on sessions which create a unique chance to work side by side to answer any questions. And not to forget the networking moments during lunches and evening activities.


Register now!

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Begin: Woensdag 14 november om 09:00 uur
Einde: Vrijdag 16 november om 18:00 uur

Invulling programma volgt later, hou de site in de gaten:  https://www.fhirdevdays.com/